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Company Data on Employee Devices & the Continuing Avoidance Strategy of IT Leadership

28 februari 2013 | Auteur: EVault (EMEA) B.V.

By Inka Traktman, Product Marketing Manager, EVault

EVault’s Annual Cloud-Connected Backup and Recovery Survey, shows continued paralysis by IT Managers, when it comes to integrating Mobility in their overall corporate IT strategy.

Consumers (“end users”) seamlessly move from one device to another as they either manage a personal cloud or calculate their personal productivity, yet corporations seem paralyzed to do the same.

According to our latest survey, which captured corporate sentiment around issues like BYOD, organizations are still at a loss about how best to harness and protect its tech-savvy breed of users.

40 Percent Still Without a Policy
EVault’s survey identified that, while 31 percent of employees store personal data on their own devices, 56 percent of employers (companies) are relying on those employees to act responsibly with the company data that resides on those devices. Surprisingly, only 34 percent of organizations in EVault’s sample, provide clear guidance and formal policies to employees about use of data on these devices.

Outweighed: IT teams are increasingly confronted by user-led BYOD developments

Weighing these figures against the 27 percent of our survey’s respondents acknowledging serious data breach incidents, 36 percent identifying financial losses from them, and one begins to understand the complexity and irony of the BYOD issue. Despite all this 40 percent of those organizations in our survey do not have a mobility policy plan.

Leaders, Laggards and Complacency
EVault’s research, which included the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands as well as the US, queried IT leaders from companies with between 100 to over 3,000 employees about their organizational practices concerning BYOD and mobility. Germany trailed last, with only 19 percent of employees using personal devices at work. The US ranked highest with 31 percent of employee’s utilizing BYOD compared with total average of 25 percent.

When it comes to managing devices, applications and security concerns the disparity between employee behavior and security breaches confounds IT.

While an overwhelming 67 percent of respondents to EVault’s survey expressed concerns with data on employee devices – particularly its security and retention – they seem complacent in doing anything about it. Budget allocations to address BYOD issues tend not to have been adjusted to the new corporate reality and continue to reflect only traditional solutions such as investments for anti-virus and malware software for endpoint devices.

Stay tuned for my next blog, which will draw upon the survey findings to address the compliance challenges associated with the BYOD issue.

In the meantime, it’s a relatively straightforward task for IT teams to gain control over mobile endpoints by creating policies to match today’s tech savvy workforce. For advice on creating a policy check out my recent blog on the subject.

To learn about putting a solution place that helps retain data, wipes data on command, and offers multiple device protection please download our datasheet.

As Product Marketing Manager at EVault, Inka Traktman is responsible for the positioning and marketing strategy for all endpoint products at EVault. She can be reached at inka.traktman@evault.com


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